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What? You did not. My rambles are no where near your raw beauty. What.
spindrift spindrift Said:

you my dear are too kind! i related to what you said and thought others should see it too :) :*

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thanks for the reblog xoxo. definitely a fan of your writing
spindrift spindrift Said:

Thank you so much! I am a fan of yours as well :) <3

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Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo?
spindrift spindrift Said:

I should! We’ll see, though. I’m working on some projects right now. Is it too late to start?

I like the way you write. I love the way you write. Your words are five letters long and heavy. You're honest and that's the most attractive characteristic about a person. You have your head up and and you ask questions of yourself and those around you. You're right about how a man should look at a woman. You're right about how a man should treat a woman. You're right that a man should go down on a woman until her legs buckle and her toes are sore and curled. Even if you didn't say it - I did.
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What a message to wake up to! Thank you very much. I appreciate your words. Thank you for reading, and the feedback. Feedback is one of my favorite parts.

you are a genius and i am jealous
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i am so not, but thank you.

I love & admire your writing! Your poetry is amazing, simple but yet it says so much. I write poetry too & your post about finding poetry in everything but not being able to put it in words is something I can relate to. Stay blessed & beautiful love.
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thank you so much, love. this means more than i can express. i’m glad you are able to relate. i feel like i’ve seen some of your writing; can’t wait to see more. :)


Asker thereticents Asks:
Ah... your poem about freedom in america. It played games with my mind. I've been wondering what freedom means at all, and if such a thing is really possible - beyond being a slogan to justify everyone's behaviour. I think (I'm afraid) the Egyptians are too mad with their notion of freedom. They don't riot for religion or philosophy or ideology. They riot because they are hungry. Hungry people are angry people. When the American economy suffers, that's when people will want their freedom to eat.
spindrift spindrift Said:

Thank you for your thoughts. I think you’re probably the only one who read the poem. I admit I’m not 100% knowledgeable in exact details. I however feel passionate that America is a baby with much progress to make.

Much love.

Just wanted to drop by and say hello :) Also, to tell you that you are an amazing writer. I followed your old blog on my personal tumblr and a lot of your poems have motivated me in becoming a better writer, so to find that you are following me is absolutely flattering, hopefully someday I can become even half the writer you are. Seriously, you are so talented, please don't ever stop writing. Much love, Chantel.
spindrift spindrift Said:

Hi Chantel,

Thank you so much for your kind words. My heart really swelled after reading this. I’m happy that you are still following me to my new home! I love following other writers. I’m sure you have writing that surpasses mine in many ways. I won’t stop writing, and you don’t stop either! Now I have to go read some ;)