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Tonight celebrates the launch of Vagina’s Spring ‘14 issue, her first as a maga*zine! A few months ago in an interview, I said my goal for this year was to turn Vagina into a ‘real’ magazine and here she is! 

If you’re in Austin, Texas tonight, join me at Cheer Up Charlie’s to grab your copy and enjoy music by XetasThe Sour NotesThe HarmsClaire Puckett ofMother Falcon, and DJ Jeska of The Royal Commission.

I’m featured in this magazine! I have yet to see which poem but I can’t wait to buy an issue. I hope they’re online soon!

In my last poem posted, I put the word “aidted” at the end, which is not an actual word. Man, I love the freedom of poetry.

It’s just two meanings/words combined and I would love to hear any theories if you care. If you can figure it out, lovely. If you can’t and really want to know I can tell you.

I just don’t want to give it away right away. ;) Not that it’s some huge secret or deep meaning, I just put it there when I was writing because I was thinking of the two ways that phrase could work. Brain tricks.

I apologize for my lack of ‘writing’ posts. I know that’s what most of you are following for. My writing muse comes and goes very quickly lately and I haven’t had much inspiration. What I do get inspiration for is this book of poems/pieces I’m working on titled L’acqua. I haven’t said much about it because it’s still in it’s first stages of being completed in the first place.

I wanted to have Ghosts Under Veil out by now but I had logistic issues with the publishing site I was using. It’s just not working well for the book cover. It sounds so minor, but it’s still an important factor!

Anway, I hope everyone has a great holiday and New Years.


Here&#8217;s a little preview of what&#8217;s to come soon. I put together an entire book and it was finished last year but I just sort of stopped working on edits.
Now I&#8217;m back in the editing process. The book, &#8220;Ghosts Under Veil,&#8221; is almost finished and ready for you all.
I hope you&#8217;re excited. I am! Hopefully one more week, maybe less!

Here’s a little preview of what’s to come soon. I put together an entire book and it was finished last year but I just sort of stopped working on edits.

Now I’m back in the editing process. The book, “Ghosts Under Veil,” is almost finished and ready for you all.

I hope you’re excited. I am! Hopefully one more week, maybe less!

Hi all,

If you pay attention to my blog you might be wondering what I’ve been doing with my URL. I decided to go back to my “old” blog’s name. It’s simple and just works. Also seems to be well-liked, which I didn’t realize, hah.

As for my old blog, I just tagged on the “-old” so I didn’t have to completely change the URL and confuse everyone, but the blog is still there to see and follow, if you wish.

Also, since fall is here, I decided to change my theme’s colors to vibe more with the season. Check it out and I hope you like!

Happy Saturday!

Happy Strong Female Friday (SFF)! Today is the last day of my wonderful internship with Strong Women, Strong Girls. However, I’ve written many blogs for the future so I’m sure I’ll be posting links to SFF for the next 5.

Anyway, this week I decided to write about Chimamanda Adichie, my new hero. In the blog, which you can find here, I link to her TED Talk from April, which is one of the most inspiring videos I’ve seen in a while.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Happy Friday, everyone.


Sylvia and her best friend Jess walked up to the doomed restaurant.

"This is where she broke up with me." Sylvia’s lip quivered and Jess took her hand.

"Sylv, I know this is a really hard time. It’ll get easier. All that cliché bullshit isn’t bullshit, y’know? Think about what Matt and I just went through. You watched my misery. It gets easier. Look at me now!"

Sylvia knew she was trying to help. Deep down she knew Jess was right. Jess was always right. But right now, in this very moment, she felt like crumbling asphalt after a wrecking ball was thrown into the side of a building. 

"We don’t have to eat here. There are a million pizza places in New England." Jess squeezed Sylvia’s hand as she stared blankly at the sign. The red letters singing themselves into her eyeballs, burning her retinas so the memory became a scar she saw always. "Sylvia. Hello?"

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All you wanted was nature to surround you. Love to enfold you. To feel the bones of your other wound up with yours.

You lay on the grass and the water is not far from you. Neither is your love. 

Take the grass and put it in the glass. Or roll it up in the paper that came from the tree. Roll up the grass in the tree. The grass is from the ground. It came from the soil. It circles in your lungs as the fire singes it for your soul.

Inhale, hold, pass. Feel it in your lungs. It fills in to all crevices and holes to make your body and mind holy. You are holy.

When your love takes it they will do the same. Be the same. Layers shed when you take it in. Your holiness becomes your aura. You speak the truth and share the love. One kiss feels like 10 thousand love stories coming true. One caress of tongue feels like you’re bathing in heavenly waters.

The sun is bright but it does not bother. It is there when you need it, but the trees protect you. 

You rise above the planet, haze carries you through clouds that open their arms to let you lay. 

It does not feel strange to be what you have always been. A soul divine in nature. A soul suffocated by skyscrapers and car smog. You are the soul who breathes in smoke of the earth and exhales lightness.

3rd up on The Gemini Project :)

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I wrote another article for Strong Women, Strong Girls, the organization I currently intern for.

Check it out!


Summer’s scorching heat left her high and dry, so she sat in a tub full of cold water. The water flowed over her soft, brown skin. She always noticed the way her knees poked through slightly above the waterline. Like bones through skin when she pulled her legs up slightly.

It did not matter. The heat, her need to grocery shop, the laundry that needed to be folded… the job she needed to apply for. None of it mattered this Saturday. With her thoughts of the world and the weed in the bowl next to her, all that currently mattered was this cold bath to refresh her.

But the mind trails… especially when you’re a Gemini… and it didn’t take long for him to wiggle his way into her ten-dimensional brain. The many “hims” of her life stages. The way they creep in and out like worms in dirt. He specifically made her stomach do backflips with his words, his metaphors, his cleverness and wit… It didn’t help that his face was that of a King and his smile was that of Prince Charming.

She awoke from her daze to remind herself that she was no idiot; She knew Prince Charming did not exist. Lancelot is merely a figure in a poem of romance and deceit, treachery and violence… That kind of selfless love cannot be real.

Or can it?

The heat made her feel like her brain was scrambled eggs, and the constant reminders of life’s prickling points would not stop picking at her. The water was getting warmer so that when she lifted her leg out of the water it actually felt cooler.

She drained the water and trickled her fingers up and down her legs as the waves went back to the sewer… Teasing herself at the thought of him. If only he were there to pour chilled water down her back. To kiss the birds that perched on her shoulder. To tell her how beautiful she is. She already knew how beautiful she was, but when those words left his throat they were coated in a special sweet syrup that she couldn’t taste when she told herself.

When the final drop was through the grate, she flipped the switch on the wall of the tub and started the cold water again. Something in the cold was losing her, or was she simply finding herself in her thoughts that bathed with her? She was glad to be home alone. She was glad to have her all to herself. 

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