you’ll see me again
and the longing will return to your eyes
touches will linger and you’ll remember
what i taste like
you’ll remember your first bite
let the earthquake rumble through you
i’ll make sure
to tease you
you deserve a wait time
'til you're mine once more
you have no idea what’s in store

i’ll wait
i’ll wait
i’ll wait
until i can love you
without fear or restraint
i’m tortured
wanting to show you how i feel
because you don’t like words
i want to kiss all of your soft skin
i want to take your earlobe between my teeth
i want to grasp your arms
i want to hug you close to me
what torture
to have to daydream to survive

like a lion hunting prey
you came for me that night
fierce lips
and hot breath
tight squeeze to my side
you didn’t let me go
and i should have said no
but the desire was overflowing
the well could have quenched millions
so i said yes
because i didn’t know what else to do
i didn’t know what would lead to you
i didn’t know where we’d go from there
i am grateful to have truly lived in the moment 

if i told you everything i felt
would you run?
if you would run i would no longer be able to love you
but i would love you from afar
i feel a constant fear that you will run
as far as possible from me
flee, if i share these feelings these urges
i have buried for years
you stopped reading me i wonder why sometimes
i wonder why you cower behind jokes
and treat me poorly
we are no longer just friends
though i want to always be friends
why can’t we be lovers too
why can’t you love me too
why is everything under conditions
spirit tells me… because we are not meant to be
and i have learned from you
but i must be free
and it hurts because i just want we
how can i write a million times that i love you
and not be able to tell you to your face?
you’ve told me yourself but you’d deny
you didn’t say it in serious moments
so i pretend you didn’t say it at all
but you did, you did…
how can a heart break when it wasn’t even yours to begin with?
but it was when you shook my hand and poured your smile into my soul,
i sought after you but your love at first sight was someone else
and how does that work, great universe?
i thought love at first sight was supposed to be mutual
i thought because i wanted someone,
because i built a friendship with them,
that that was right… that was meant to be…
you came to me… after years… eager to take what you
thought was always yours. i should’ve pushed away.
i should’ve made you wait.
i should’ve slowed you down before you took the bait…
and here i am, feeling worn and old
distance hurts but you hurt worse… this doesn’t have to be so difficult.


who am i to you?

i’m getting woozy and i love you
i’ll speak to you in tongues
feel my words paint your
soft skin and i’ll taste your thoughts within
your ocean was where i learned to swim
finally… fondly… underwater
water usually breaks between my eyelids and burns
but you
you are where my fins grew
you are where gills let loose
you are what i’ve earned

Can you lick my skittles , That’s the sweetest in the middle , Pink that’s the flavor

Can you lick my skittles , That’s the sweetest in the middle , Pink that’s the flavor

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maybe i should write like i’m talking to you
but i don’t know how to talk to you
i know you like when i’m sassy, so i play,
but sometimes i just want to genuinely
tell you all of the things i love about you,
that i love you, that i’ll be anyone for you
to you
i love you, i love you


your eyes’ burning gaze
leaves imprints in steaming flesh
scars of satisfaction
refuse to heal
when souls collide
and boundaries collapse to nothing
the gap builds a longing
waiting… waiting… aching
to be filled